As I embark on a journey I’ve only been able to dream about for many years, I welcome you to join me in discovering and embracing the beauty and individuality of the three countries I will be visiting; Italy, India and Bali (aka ‘Eat Pray Love’!).

I will be focusing on finding yummy vegan food wherever I go, deepening my spirituality and yoga practice, being open to meeting people from all walks of life and embracing very different cultures, whilst producing a written and photographic documentary of these experiences to share with you, my dear readers.

On top of all this, I invite you to send me requests for specific places to go and/or things to do, in order to help you with your own travel plans – or to just quench a curiosity!  I will take on any that are within my realms, and of course, if they are expensive or out of my way, any donations to help make them happen would be very welcome 😉

So get in touch if you’d like to collaborate with me. My travel itinerary is as follows, it’s sort of fixed in places, but am largely travelling on the wing now 😀

September 2017:
10-13th: Florence
13th: Pisa (day trip)
13-16th: Siena
16-18th: Rome
18-20th: Naples (inc trip to Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii)
21-24th: Delhi
25-30th: Rishikesh (hostel life :D)

October 2017:
1-31st: Rishikesh (200hr Yoga Teacher Training course, 3rd-28th)

November 2017:
1-12th Rishikesh (extended stay,  I loved it so much!)
(13th-22nd: UK)
23rd-28th: Delhi
28th-29th: Mathura
29th-1st Dec: Agra

December 2017:
1st – 4th: Jaipur
4th – 10th: Pushkar
11th – 17th: Udaipur
17th – 22nd: Mumbai
22nd Dec onwards: GOA!

January – appx March 2018:
More Goa, a trip to Kerala – and also Bali of course! More specific plans will be made nearer the time and will be updated here.

So let me know if you have any requests, suggestions. I’m all ears!

Peace, love and light x

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