Florence (part two)

Day two of Florence consisted of switching from a private room to a 4-bed (actually became a 5-bed – eep!) female dorm, eyeballing Michelangelo’s ‘David’ and watching some opera plus meeting a few kindred spirits over dinner at the bar area of a cool arty cafe which kinda felt like I was in ‘Cheers’.

So…. the switch from private room to dorm wasn’t too bad except it meant I had to check out by 10:30 and couldn’t check in again until 14:30. Luggage issue was easily rectified – large rucksack went in the left luggage room at the hostel and reception kindly locked away my camera/laptop bag so I could walk breezily into town without worrying about someone nicking me shizzles or carrying the load like a donkey. Especially as I was going to a timed entry to see Michelangelo’s famous and beautiful ‘David‘ at 14:30.  I’d left it very late to book (just the day before) so that was the only choice. The good thing was, I barely queued to collect the reserved ticket, and then walked straight into the gallery. Unlike the throngs of people waiting in Unreserved Ticket queue, in the blazing sun, barely moving an inch. So yes, book your tickets in advance and skip the queues! This was the only ticket I bought, I’m not too mad about galleries and museums and cathedrals and all that. A bit naughty seeing as I do love art and culture but… I prefer to people watch and learn titbits as I go along and soak up the culture as it comes, not rush from place to place without really taking it all in, just so I can tick it off the list. Although I would have gone to the Uffizi Gallery if I had been more organised and booked ahead!

Yes, I know you all know him, but here is MY David, the version I captured 😀


And some more artwork that took my fancy in the gallery:


I’ll spare you the boring bit; heading back to the hostel, checking in to the dorm… feeling bit at a lose end as someone was sleeping in their bed so I couldn’t really organise myself properly….. so will skip on to heading back out to find that cute arty cafe for supper. The one I walked right passed the night before. That one.

It’s called Libreria Brac and is located a short walk from the popular Ponte Vecchio. I finally found it and seated myself at the bar to enjoy a massive portion of potato, tomato and oregano salad and got to know my fellow diners also seated at the bar. Felt a bit like “Cheers”! A couple from Southern California (he was here to give a presentation about the ozone and promote vegetarianism) and a mother and daughter from India (daughter is now a lawyer in New York and mother is visiting her from Kerala) which made for really interesting conversations and much nicer than dining alone. After mentioning I am heading to India from Italy the mother very sweetly gave me her phone numbers saying I must visit Kerala and to contact her if I need anything and/or would like to meet up – how cute and kind is that?!

Libreria Brac

From there I had to leave the comfortable setting and new friends and rush off to see some opera at the nearby auditorium, a converted church. It was a tribute to The Three Tenors/Pavarotti and here again, I made two new (Australian) friends in the queue who also invited me to sit with them inside which made the experience even more enjoyable. I managed a sneaky video of some comedy moments before noticing many others getting asked to not record the performance. Oops! I was lucky 😉 And then the finale was so good my two new friends jumped out of their seats to cheer and whoop and clap and then it came… the tears that I’d thought would come from watching opera (well it IS emotional!). Had I not been watching it with these two lovelies and witnessing their own joy and emotional response to the opera those tears may not have come. But music is such a special thing, something that has been close to my heart since my first ever memory as a baby, and it will always move me like nothing else can. So to see these two respond so joyously and emphatically tipped me over haha! And I’m very glad it did. I wanted to be moved. And I wanted to feel that others were too. And they were.

Here’s some pics and the cheeky vid I got before it become obvious videos are not allowed…. I caught a funny bit.



And this marked the end of my stay in Florence as I had an early-ish train outta there the next morning to Pisa. But what a great end to seeing Florence! ❤

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