what is “vegan does eat pray love”?

Welcome to my blog, a diary of sorts, published to share with you my travels and discoveries as I follow the route made famous in Elizabeth Gilbert’s book (and later, film, starring Julia Roberts) “Eat Pray Love”. The trail covers Italy, India and Bali and the first stop will be beautiful Florence in Italy, from early September. I would be honoured if you join me 🙂

So who am I?

Well, I am a single 40-something female photographer who happens to be vegan, loves yoga and has been wanting to answer a calling to India for many years…. for spiritual growth, to explore and experience the culture and to test my character, my inner strength and the ability to love in the face of challenge, in the only place I ever felt could do this.

I have never been there before and have heard mixed reviews but believe my need to go there coupled with a willingness to remain open and ready for whatever comes my way will ensure my experience is positive and will be all that I dreamed it would be. I’ll be heading to Delhi, Rishikesh, Dharamshala, Amritsar, Varanasi, most of Rajasthan, then south to Goa and Kerala. I plan to be in Goa for a little while. As you do.

But why also Italy and Bali? Just so you can ride the Eat Pray Love theme?! 

Well, not quite. It just worked out that way.  Plus I’m greedy!

Lemme explain further… after a couple of visits to Italy in recent years (Venice first, then a completely different experience staying in a remote mountainside cabin on the northern end of Lago Maggiore) I fell in love with it’s charm; the scenery, architecture, language and of course, the people and their incredible passion for everything – especially enjoying life!) so it was hard to not include another visit there as I planned time away from my life in the UK. It will be a quick visit (just 10 days – eep!) but in that time I will visit Florence, Pisa, Siena, Rome, Naples and Pompeii. With maybe one or two additions if time/opportunity presents itself.

And as for Bali…. it doesn’t need a reason really, does it?! But if I must… the country looks incredible. Green, lush fields, beautiful beaches, serene, peaceful communities. A place for quite contemplation, further spirituality and – if one needs to let their hair down – is also renowned for its impeccable nightlife. Plus seeing as I’ll be over ‘that way’ in India anyway it sort of made sense to add it to the route too.

Now add to the mix that I’m vegan and on a quest to see how easy/difficult it is to stay vegan whilst journeying through three very different countries, all with a healthy appetite for food, ‘Vegan Does Eat Pray Love’ was born.

So…. in Italy I will be mostly eating. India I will be mostly yoga-ing (doing an intense teachers training course in October), finding spirituality and humankind, and in Bali…. well, I can’t say it will be finding the love of my life, but I’m sure I will be loving Bali if nothing else! And all along the way my trusty cameras will be joining me, documenting the places I go, people I meet, things I do and things I eat. And here I will share it all with you.

And there you have it. The why, what and where. Not quite the ‘how’, as that is yet to be discovered (!) but I hope you will join me in my travels.

Lastly, you’ve now seen where I’m planning to go. If you have any questions or would like me to visit/experience something in particular to help aid your own travel plans, or just out of plain curiosity, do let me know! Would love to be able to make this a collaboration of sorts with my readers 🙂 

Until then, peace & love,







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