… to ‘Vegan Does Eat Pray Love’, a blog chronicling my travels around Italy, India and Bali (hence the ‘Eat Pray Love’ reference) and –  yes you’ve already guessed it – I happen to be vegan.

To make this even more fun – particularly for you lovely readers, I welcome you to make suggestions, ask questions and even send me requests to go, see, do specific things you’d like to know more about in the places I’m travelling to. Head over to my contact page to see my itinerary and to get in touch!

The idea came from trying to plan my own travels and wondering things like, ‘is the Taj Mahal currently covered in scaffolding?’ ‘What about the flooding in Varanasi, should I still go?’ ‘Is that vegan restaurant in Naples open on a Monday when I’ll be passing through?’ and wishing I could ask someone there to provide up-to-date information.

So do run your suggestions, questions and challenges by me; this interactive experience with you will make my own travels even more fun and will help you plan your own travels too!

Together, we got this 🙂

Peace, love and light x